5 Mistakes EVERY Actor Makes while Self-Taping!

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5 Mistakes EVERY Actor Makes while Self-Taping!

Self-taping is becoming an increasingly popular way to cast and it is therefore essential for actors to perfect their taping skills. There is a fair amount to consider while shooting self-tapes, and after speaking to casting directors we have found that actors often make these 5 simple mistakes.

Mistake #1 – Framing

Firstly, always shoot in landscape, not portrait. You should frame yourself with  just a small space above your head to just below your chest. Often actors frame far wider than this making their jobs much harder. You want the shot to be close up so that your every choice is captured!

Mistake #2 – Lighting

This leads us on to lighting. Now this might sound obvious but it is so important that you are filming somewhere that is well lit. Natural light is the best so a room with lots of light streaming in from windows is perfect. You want to shoot against a plain wall with nothing to distracting behind you. You want the focus to be entirely on you!

Mistake #3 – Background Noise

It is so important that they can hear you! No construction works, no loud music, no sirens, no pets, no shouting neighbours, Just you! Don’t shoot outside, you need a quiet room where the sound can be recorded easily.

Mistake # 4 – Eye Line

Now this is a biggie. You want to be looking just to the left or right of the camera. Too far and the casting directors will only get half of your face and one eye. Nonono. They want to see you! Don’t look directly into camera either, unless you have specifically been told to do so.

Mistake # 5 – Not Learning Your Lines

You need to be just as prepared for your self-tape as you would a casting. No bobbing heads or looking up and down at your script. Be off book, make choices, Be bold!

Want to perfect your skills even more? Watch our short how to self-tape video below!




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