I am an actor

As an actor you’re probably using Castify to upload an audition to send on to a casting director. You can do this with a basic (free) pay as you go account. A pay as you go (free) basic account limits the maximum files size you can upload to 200 megabits. If your video file is larger than this you will either need to purchase upload tokens which can be used as one-off tokens to upload larger files, or purchase a subscription.

I am a casting director

As a casting director, when you create a pay as you go (free) basic account, make sure you select “Casting Director” on the registration form. This will give you access to additional features within the Casting Hub, including Project management for each of your casting sessions.

I am an agent

As an agent, depending on how you wish to use Castify will depend on the type of account you will need. If you intend to upload videos on behalf of your clients, a pay as you (free) basic account will suffice. This account will restrict the maximum file size you can upload to 200mb, If you require additional upload capacity, you will either need to purchase an upload token or one of our subscription packages.

If you would like to access the project management features then you will need to register as a casting director.

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When you register you will be prompted to input a Spotlight link. If you don’t have a spotlight link, you should put in your email address or your agent’s email address as this will be used as a method to contact you if you are successful in the casting.

To send a video directly to a casting professional, you will need a six digit project key which will be unique to the role being cast. A casting director or your agent should provide you with this code. If you do not have this key you should speak to your agent or casting team to obtain it.

If your video isn’t uploading, there is a chance that the file size is too large for the account you have. Basic accounts restrict individual file uploads to 200mb.

Firstly, double check the size of your video file and if it exceeds 200mb either reduce the file size by using a video compressor or purchase an upload token or subscription package which will allow you to upload larger files.

It might be the case that your video has uploaded but the page has not refreshed. To remedy this, head over to “my uploads” in the Casting Hub and check to see if your video is there.

If you’re receiving an error message, try uploading the video in a different web browser (i.e. Google Chrome)

If this is not the case then please get in touch hello@castify.co.uk

You can edit your video settings in the “my uploads” page in the Casting Hub.

Underneath the thumbnail of your video there is an edit button which will allow you to change the title of the video and the additional details.

Once you’ve submitted a video to a casting project, you will receive a notification in the bottom left of the web page.

You will also receive email confirmation that your video has sent (please check your junk mail if not in your main mailbox).

You can check that your video has successfully been submitted by trying to re-enter the key for the role you are auditioning for, if your video has already been sent, you will be unable to re-send it.

Head over to the Casting Hub and look inside “Projects“. As soon as a video has been sent it will appear in your project folder.

You will also receive email confirmation that a video has been submitted into one of your projects (please check your junk mail if not in your main mailbox).

There are no restrictions to the number of videos that you can upload, however there are restrictions to the file size.

In the Casting Hub you can find all the videos you have uploaded in the “My uploads” tab.

If your video doesn’t have a thumbnail, that is okay. Please click the blank thumbnail to ensure the video has uploaded correctly.

We accept all major cards as a payment method, We do however use PayPal as a merchant intermediary.

A casting project is a folder created by a casting director containing all of the roles they are casting for.

For example, if Mr A was casting for the role of PlantMan in a new series called PowerPlants, he may create a casting project called PowerPlants, with the with the role PlantMan.

In this newly created project a unique six digit code will be generated for each of the roles Me A creates which are then passed on to actors and agents so that they can submit auditions direct.

Once you’ve created a casting project the project key will automatically be generated. Go into the project folder and underneath the project name, the key will show.

If the casting professional does not use Castify, as an actor you can still upload your videos and send a URL of the video to the casting professional/ agent via email. They will be able to watch the video in the same way as Youtube or Vimeo.

Head to the Casting Hub and go to the “projects” tab. You should have a list of your casting projects. There will be a pencil icon on each of the projects. If you click the pencil, you will be able to rename a project.

You can edit your profile in the “Profile” section of the Casting Hub

The option to put a Spotlight link in is only optional – It just means that a casting director will need to contact you via email.

For a basic account, you will not be able to upload files larger than 200Mb.

Once you purchase upload tokens or a subscription there should be no limit on the upload size.

There are two ways of using a project key.

The first way is to select the share video icon underneath the video thumbnail in “my uploads” . This will pop up a box that asks for the project key.

The second way is on the video player screen, underneath the video there will be the option to share the video, Once you click the share button a box will pop up asking for the project key.