How to Cast Actors on Twitter

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How to Cast Actors on Twitter

Casting Directors, take a seat for this one! You can now easily cast talent from Twitter, even whilst you sleep!

In this Article we will show you how you can use Castify to receive auditions from actors on Twitter.

Step 1: Create an account

In order to get the features you need to receive self-tape auditions, it is important that you create an account registered as a Casting Director. To do this, hit the big orange “Sign Up” button and follow the image below.

Sign up CD

Step 2: Create a project

To do this, you need to go to the ‘Casting Hub‘ which is an option in the top menu. Next select ‘Projects‘ from the left hand menu. Name you project (i.e. Twitter Casting) and continue.

Twitter Casting

Twitter Project

Step 3: Create a folder for each of the roles you are casting

Head into the project you have just created by clicking on it. Now select ‘Add New Role‘. Start creating roles for each of the roles you are casting.

Role lead female

For the Role Key, you can either generate a random key or create one yourself. This is the key that your actors and agents will use to submit their videos into their respective folders.

Once you have created a role for each of the roles you are casting, it should look something like the below:

roles created

If you expand the roles, you will see the unique 6 digit keys.

Step 5: Tweet, tweet & tweet away!

Simply tweet your casting criteria and wait for the auditions to roll in!


Step 6: Check for new auditions

Every time an actors submits and audition using a role key it will automatically populate into the folder, so you don’t have to worry about organising incoming auditions. Voila!

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