Castify for Agents: Managing Your Clients’ Auditions

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Castify for Agents: Managing Your Clients’ Auditions

As an agent, you no doubt receive hundreds of self-tapes. But how are you keeping track of them all?

Whilst Castify was originally built to assist Casting Directors to manage and organise self-tape auditions, you as an Agent can also benefit from our organisational features. In this article we will show you how to manage your client’s self-tape auditions and build a portfolio for your clients so that you can quickly draw on previous auditions to wow Casting Directors!

Step 1: Create an account

In order to get the features you need to receive self-tape auditions, it is important that you create an account registered as an Agent. To do this, hit the big orange “Sign Up” button and follow the image below.

Agent registration

Step 2: Create a project

To do this, you need to go to the ‘Casting Hub‘ which is an option in the top menu. Next select ‘Projects‘ from the left hand menu. Create a new Project, and call it whatever you’d like (i’d recommend ‘Clients’ or something similar).

Create a project

Click ‘Create project

Folder created

Step 3: Create a folder for each of your clients

Head into the Clients project you have just created by clicking on it. Now select ‘Add New Role‘. Start creating roles for each of your clients (Tip, this should just be their first and last name as this is where you will keep track of all their auditions).

New Role

For the Role Key, you can either generate a random key or create one yourself. This is the key that your clients will use to submit their videos into their respective folders.

Once you have created a role for each of your clients, it should look something like the below:

All roles

Step 4: Send your keys out to your clients

Now that you have they keys for each of your clients, any time they have a self-tape due, you can ask them to send it to you for your review via Castify using their key.

Here is an example:

Lets say my client Victor Akin has an audition coming up. I will ask him to record a self tape and upload it onto Castify. Victor will send me the video using the unique six digit key I have created for him: S W A M 1 T (See screenshot below).

Roles and key

Here is how it will look for Victor. Once he has uploaded his video his video he will be prompted to input a 6 digit key. He should input S W A M 1 T.

upload send

Once Victor has sent the tape over to you, it will appear in the folder you created for him. Victor can send as many tapes to you as possible and over time you will build a portfolio of all the self-tapes Victor has submitted.

Project with sub

Step 5: Review your client’s auditions

Simply click on the thumbnail and watch your client’s auditions. On this page you can download the video.

Video page



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